Women and Work APPG launches 2017 annual report: Making the Industrial Strategy Work for Women

The Women and Work APPG has launched its 2017 annual report, Making the Industrial Strategy Work for Women. Throughout 2017 the cross-party group of MPs and Peers conducted an inquiry looking at how the Government’s Industrial Strategy could help to deliver gender balance within the UK economy.

The report summarises the findings of the inquiry, drawing on contributions from politicians, employers, businesses and other key stakeholders to make six key recommendations. It was launched in Parliament by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Director of Industrial Strategy, Alexandra Jones and Shadow Minister for the Industrial Strategy, Chi Onwurah MP.

Jess Phillips MP, Co-Chair of the Women and Work APPG said:

“Ensuring that the Industrial Strategy is implemented in a way which makes the most of women’s skills and talents is vital for our labour market. We need to make women more visible across different sectors and change the perception of what is a “skilled” job and an “unskilled” job. This report is the first step and not the last. We need to keep working to make sure that women, and their contributions, are truly valued equally”.

Gillian Keegan MP, Co-Chair of the Women and Work APPG said:

“I am pleased to have launched this important report with the Women and Work APPG. We were delighted that when the Government introduced its White Paper, Building a Britain Fit for the Future, it contained several direct references to supporting women and other under-represented groups. This was something we felt had been missing from the proposals in the Green Paper. I hope that the recommendations we have set out in this report will help to ensure that women are seen and heard when the Government and employers implement the strategy in the months and years to come.”

Charlie Wells by:
Charlie Wells