Nice To be ‘The Client’ For Once – Especially When We’re Voted Client of the Year!

Last year was one hell of a year for Pimlico Plumbers, sales went through the roof, our political agenda on the apprenticeship front took some important steps and in amongst all that I managed to finally write the book – Bog Standard Business – which I’ve been threatening to do for years.

Right now it’s the apprenticeship work that I want to talk about, and particularly the Apprenticeship Campaign, where, along with Connect Communications, we took the debate, complete with a couple of apprentices, to the Government, at the 2014 Conservative Party Conference. It was a bloody great project, and I wasn’t surprised when we won ‘Campaign of the Year’ at the Public Affairs industry awards, in conjunction with Connect.

But it’s another award that has given me a great big smile today – we, Pimlico Plumbers, were voted ‘Client of the Year’ by the staff at Connect Communications, at their annual in-house awards party. Apparently we’re a lot of fun to work with, which I think I translate to mean they don’t have a lot of other clients like us, and maybe they enjoy not knowing what’s going to happen next.

Whatever the case, I have loved working with Gill and the crew at Connect and I was honoured to receive my certificate this morning. Thanks to you all for organising a truly great conference experience.


Originally published on the Pimlico Plumbers website.

Charlie Mullins OBE, Pimlico Plumbers