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LLA welcomes Government EHIC plans

LLA welcomes Government EHIC plans

LLA is delighted to see the Government set out plans today to ensure that Britons travelling in Europe will continue to be able to access vital medical treatment after Brexit.

This is an issue LLA has raised in correspondence with David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, and other ministers and parliamentarians.

Many older people choose to enjoy their retirement by going on holiday in Europe and the EHIC is a good safeguard for those travelling in additional to insurance.

Currently, through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), they are able to access necessary medical treatment either free or at a reduced cost. LLA believes the EHIC is a key enabler of travel for older people as it gives confidence that any urgent health needs will be affordable. An alternative system, that would require older people to take out private health insurance would prove prohibitively expensive.

This is why we are pleased the Government is aiming to secure a continuation of the EHIC after Brexit, and is willing to provide a similar scheme even if there is no formal agreement with the EU. This is a good example of the Government listening to representative groups and settling on a policy that will continue to ensure older people can lead an ambitious later life.

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