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Policy Positions


Later Life Ambitions brings together the collective voices of over a quarter of a million pensioners through the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance, and the National Association of Retired Police Officers.

From fair pensions to safe and sustainable care services, and from accessible housing to universal pensioner benefits, we require bold and forward-looking action from our political leaders.

Later Life Ambitions is calling for:

SOCIAL CARE (click here for further details)

  • The establishment of a cross party consensus to agree a long-term sustainable plan for social care
  • A sustainable social care system requires a properly financed NHS. The Government should set out a commitment to long term funding increases for the NHS.
  • Closer working between health and social care services to relieve pressure on the NHS and improve hospital discharge rates. Immediate introduction of the Dilnot recommendations in addition to urgent interim funding while the Government consults on a long-term sustainable solution for social care.
  • Government expenditure on adult social care should rise as a proportion of total public expenditure, with an urgent review of how to fund social care in the long term.
  • Assurances that any revenue raised to fund social care will be ring-fenced.
  • Government assurances over the ability of EU nationals working in adult social care to remain working in the UK post-Brexit.

PENSIONS (click here for further details)

  • Maintenance of the state pension ‘triple-lock’.
  • A review of the ‘two-tier’ system and for the Government to transfer existing pensioners to the new state pension on a no detriment basis.
  • Development of a Household Inflation Index (HII) to better reflect the inflation experiences of households.
  • Proper transitional arrangements so that the State Pension Age does not fully equalise until 2020 and targeted communications to those women affected by the miscommunication of changes in the 2011 Pensions Act.
  • Measures to improve confidence in pensions savings and support for Defined Benefit schemes, including improved enforcement powers for The Pensions Regulator.
  • Increase in the minimum employer contributions for schemes under automatic enrolment, which will help to encourage a retirement savings culture in the UK, with greater involvement of NEST and more consolidation of schemes.

HOUSING (click here for further details)

  • Implementation of the measures set out in the Housing White Paper 2017.
  • The extension of the Lifetime Homes standard across the UK.
  • Exemptions from Stamp Duty Land Tax for those ‘resizing’ to other properties.
  • A recognition of the importance of housing for older people and a national strategy on encouraging specialised later life housing throughout the whole of the UK.
  • Formal planning policy presumption in favour of retirement housing schemes.
  • The zoning of areas for later life housing, and for local authorities to be required to allocate specific sites for retirement housing in their Local Plans.
  • Funding to make up for any lost investment from the European Investment Bank for social housing projects.

UNIVERSAL BENEFITS (click here for further details)

  • A clear commitment to the continued retention of universal benefits.
  • A clear commitment not to means-test universal benefits.

TRANSPORT (click here for further details)

  • Increased investment in local bus services.
  • Greater accessibility standards in all new bus and rail stock.
  • Adequate assistance for older people on trains and provisions for the assistance and protection of health and safety for older passengers.
  • A move from a locally administered free bus pass system to a nationally administered travel pass system.

A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL (click here for further details)

  • The recommendations produced through the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission to be implemented in full, with future Government’s maintaining the role of Minister for Loneliness.
  • There should be a cross-party approach to tackling material disadvantages between generations, which takes account of the unfairness’s that exist within as well as between different generations; whilst there may need to be some intergenerational shifts in financial burdens, tackling intergenerational fairness does not need to be one zero sum exercise, but, should focus on the potential options for win-win outcomes.
  • The Government to ensure that all British residents in the European Union should retain their current benefits and pensions during and after the negotiations.
  • The Post Office Card Account should be extended for a further term beyond 2021, when the current contract is due to end.


If you would like any more information about the LLA policy positions, please contact Tristan Westgate at or call him on 020 7592 9592.