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General Election 2017: TOOLKIT

Make sure your local parliamentary candidates commit to support older people if they are elected on 8 June

This is the online toolkit to help you to contact your local parliamentary candidates to ask them to support the following issues that Later Life Ambitions is campaigning on:

  • Urgently establish a cross-party solution to the long term funding of social care
  • Maintain the pensions triple-lock
  • Maintain universal pensioner benefits
  • Stand up for pensioners during the Brexit process.

Please contact your candidates by:

  1. Use the toolkit (download hereto find out more about Later Life Ambitions policy.
  2. We have created a template email (below) for you to send to your local candidates, available in the next section. Please feel free to edit this if you would like.
  3. The best website for finding your local candidates and their contact details is Who Can I Vote For ( This website is being updated with candidate details all the time, so please check back regularly if not all of your candidates details are available.
  4. Please forward any responses you receive to so we can keep track of what local candidates are saying.

Later Life Ambitions is a non-party political campaign. We do not campaign on behalf of, or endorse, any of the political parties and are not seeking to influence voters to vote for or against political parties or categories of candidates, including those who support or do not support particular policies or issues.

If you would like a hard copy of the toolkit, please contact your local group or branch, or contact your organisation’s head office.


If you would like any more information about contacting your local candidates, please contact Fenella Nance on or call Fenella on 020 7592 9592.

Template email

You can copy and paste the text below for use in an email to your Parliamentary candidates. To copy and paste:

  1. left click on your mouse and drag over all the text below to highlight it
  2. right click, and select copy
  3. open a new email. Right click in the main text body, and select paste.

Template email

Dear [insert name of candidate]

As my parliamentary candidate, will you support Later Life Ambitions?

As one of my parliamentary candidates in the [name] constituency at the general election, I would like to know if you will pledge your support for the following policies that would enable older people to lead an ambitious later life:

1. Urgently establish a cross-party solution to the long term funding of social care: Funding for adult social care is a national issue, and requires a national solution. We need real, cross-party leadership from all parties to identify how we can fund adult social care in the long term. This must include:

  • long-term, sustainable funding for a social care system that meets the needs of those who require it
  • the immediate introduction of the Dilnot Report recommendations
  • steps to promote closer working between health and social care services to relieve pressure on the NHS and improve hospital discharge rates

2. Commit to maintain the pensions triple-lock: The pensions triple-lock was introduced to make up for the many years in which the value of the state pension was eroded and left many pensioners struggling to cope with the cost of living. Only now, after several years of the triple-lock, are many pensioners provided with the means to live more financially secure lives as they get older, but there are still too many who need this protection to continue. This is why the triple-lock must remain in place.

3. Commit to maintaining universal pensioner benefits: There are 1.6 million pensioners living in poverty and a further 1.1 million have incomes that are only just above the poverty line. This means that age-related benefits such as free prescriptions, concessionary bus passes and free TV licences play a vital role in reducing pensioner poverty and ensuring that older people are able to play an active part in society.

4. Stand up for pensioners during the Brexit process: There are a number of areas where pensioners’ needs must be protected after Britain leaves the European Union. These include:

  • Maintaining the ‘uprating’ of the state pension for British citizens living in EU countries.
  • Maintaining the European Health Insurance Card.
  • Protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, particularly because so many EU nationals work in the health and social care services, and protect the rights of UK citizens living in other EU member states.

As one of my local parliamentary candidates, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on these issues. I would also like to know if you will pledge, should you be elected, to work to give older people an ambitious later life.

Yours sincerely

[Your name]
[Your home address, including postcode]