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Later Life Ambitions Policy Positions

There are some additional issues that Later Life Ambitions would like to see politicians and policy makers address to promote a better life for all:


Tackling loneliness

Later Life Ambitions recognises that many people may become increasingly isolated and lonely in later life for diverse reasons, including bereavement, ill health, lack of local services or transport and a poor physical environment. Indeed, nearly half of people over 65 live alone, and this is expected to increase due to changing demographics and family patterns.

As such, reducing loneliness should be treated as an important public health priority by local and national government. This should be reflected in the local Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies (JHWSs), and within the Public Health Outcomes Framework through a population-based measure of loneliness.

Also, local and national government should prioritise tackling loneliness by supporting GPs to deliver practical and emotional help, and investing in innovative solutions and interventions. This should involve a ‘whole-system’ approach, working with housing, transport, health, care and voluntary sector organisations

Later Life Ambition also recognises the important work undertaken by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness in co-operation with its partner organisations and supported across political parties. We are calling for the recommendations produced through the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission to be implemented in full, with future Government’s maintaining the role of Minister for Loneliness


Integenerational fairness

Later Life Ambitions appreciates that society and the welfare state is underpinned by an implicit social contract between generations.

However, recent reports have found that shifts in the distribution of income and wealth, demographic trends and the policies of successive governments have placed the intergenerational contract under threat.

We are also concerned that, due to voting trends of different generations, political parties may ‘chase’ the vote of one generation with policies that take away from other another. A cross-party commitment to intergenerational fairness, and a refusal by political parties and commentators to promote ‘us vs them’ policies.

We also highlight that the differences in income and wealth within generations are significantly greater than those between them; a clear and consistent finding from official statistics that is usually omitted from intergenerational fairness debates.

The Post Office Card Account continues to play an important role for people of all ages to have easy access to their pension, benefits or tax credits. Whilst LLA supports advances and improvements in technology, we remain aware that it is not appropriate or possible for some individuals to open or manage a bank, building society or credit union account. Ending the Post Office Card Account risks affecting the most vulnerable in society, whichis why we believe it should be extended beyond the 2021 deadline at which it is currently due to end.


Protecting ex-pats in the EU

Later Life Ambitions is aware of the millions of UK nationals that currently live abroad in an EU state. The Government must ensure that they retain their current benefits and pensions after Britain has left the European Union, and give clear commitments to achieve this in order to give assurance and confidence to these individuals.


If you would like any more information about the LLA policy positions, please contact Tristan Westgate at or call him on 020 7592 9592.

LLA is calling for

  • The recommendations produced through the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission to be implemented in full, with future Government’s maintaining the role of Minister for Loneliness.
  • There should be a cross-party approach to tackling material disadvantages between generations, which takes account of the unfairness’s that exist within as well as between different generations; whilst there may need to be some intergenerational shifts in financial burdens, tackling intergenerational fairness does not need to be one zero sum exercise, but, should focus on the potential options for win-win outcomes.
  • The Government to ensure that all British residents in the European Union should retain their current benefits and pensions during and after the negotiations.
  • The Post Office Card Account should be extended for a further term beyond 2021, when the current contract is due to end.