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Later Life Ambitions
By 2030, there will be almost 13 million people in later life aged 65 or over.

Later Life Ambitions aims to encourage today’s decision makers to confront the challenges of tomorrow.

About the Campaign

Later Life Ambitions Later Life Ambitions

Later Life Ambitions brings together the collective voices of over a quarter of a million pensioners through the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance, and the National Association of Retired Police Officers Association. Our members have ambitious aspirations for the next generation of pensioners. From fair pensions to safe and sustainable care services, and from accessible housing to regular bus services to promote independence, we require bold and forward-looking action from our political leaders. With your support, we want to change the terms of the debate – to focus on the ambitions of pensioners rather than the perceived ‘costs’ to the rest of society. So we urge you to join us in calling for an aspirational and ambitious future for those in later life.

Members survey: How has coronavirus impacted your life?

We are asking our members to fill out this short survey to tell us how coronavirus has impacted older people’s everyday lives.

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Campaign Updates

The Budget 2020 – What Older People Want

The Budget 2020 – What Older People Want

Ahead of the Budget on Wednesday 11 March, Later Life Ambitions asked its members what they want to see from the new Government’s first budget. We were keen to understand what spending priorities, taxes, and cuts are most important to older people. With more than 1000 responses, some clear trends and beliefs have become apparent.

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Autumn update – Party conference season

Autumn update – Party conference season

Following a Summer of political uncertainty, Autumn has been no exception. The new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has lost every vote in Parliament so far, and was told by the Supreme Court that his decision to ‘prorogue’ Parliament for five weeks was unlawful.

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Government responds to the Intergenerational Fairness Committee

Government responds to the Intergenerational Fairness Committee

The Government has rejected many of the policy recommendations made in a report by a cross-party committee of Lords who focus on tackling intergenerational unfairness. The Committee set out a raft of policies aimed at “retaining the supportive relationship between generations and taking a long-term policy approach”, some of which Later Life Ambitions (LLA) are concerned would have a negative impact on the well-being and security of older people across the UK.  

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Policy Positions

Later Life Ambitions has developed policy positions on the key issues that matter to our members. From housing to the state of the NHS, we use these policy positions to respond to Government consultations, influence policy decisions and interact with MPs. Click here to view. 


Download our briefing on Free TV licences for over 75s here.

Contact Details

Later Life Ambitions is about communicating the real voices of pensioners, and future pensioners to politicians and policy makers. To do, this we need your involvement. We are calling upon older people, and their friends and family, to share their stories, and experiences, to ensure that we are able to fully represent your views. Please get in touch with us at, call 020 7592 9592 or follow us on Twitter.