Labour’s reshuffle debacle points to worrying signs for party’s image

Labour needs to learn lessons from its high-profile shadow cabinet reshuffle this week, writes former Labour MP and shadow minister turned PR Andy Sawford.

What surprised me most about Jeremy Corbyn’s reshuffle was how much attention the Westminster village paid to it.

As journalists stood in the corridors by the Leader of the Opposition’s office for 48 tortuous hours waiting for news, the PM announced his ministers would have a free hand in the EU referendum, the Chinese stock market was suspended, Obama tearfully asserted he would introduce greater gun control and North Korea (allegedly) tested a hydrogen bomb. Through all of this, the Twittersphere, political blogs and even the BBC nightly news seemed gripped by the latest machinations from team Corbyn.

Read Andy’s full opinion piece published in PR Week.

Andy Sawford by:
Andy Sawford