Jeremy Corbyn’s new team

Jeremy Corbyn has now appointed his full Shadow Cabinet, started developing policies and begun leading Labour’s response to the Government in Parliament.

Click here to download Connect’s analysis of the new Shadow Cabinet.

Over the longer term, Corbyn will be shaping Labour’s policies on critical issues facing the country – from economic policy to immigration, and from defence policy and public services. Every public affairs professional needs to get up to speed on who Corbyn is, what his policies are and what his leadership means for your organisation.

On Tuesday 22 September we will be running a special training session covering everything you need to know about Jeremy Corbyn. The course will be led by Gill Morris, an expert in Labour politics; Steve Barwick, who is, according to Public Affairs News “the leading Corbynite working in public affairs” and Andy Sawford, a former Labour MP who served alongside Corbyn.

Book your place now or for information, email or call the team at Connect on 020 7592 9592.

Andy Sawford by:
Andy Sawford