Influencing strategies in uncertain times

In unprecedented times of uncertainty, it can be overwhelming for organisations to navigate their influencing strategy. Here at Stratagem we can help you cut through the noise that can distract from the opportunities.

The theatrics of the House of Commons, the defections, debates and, quite often devilment, can prompt many into a state of paralysis. While many organisations elect to put their strategies on ice, we know that it is often times of uncertainty that can make way for the most ripe of opportunities.

With policy space bereft of the usual in-tray items, and with big issue politics filling this vacuum, here are our top three tips for making the most of the opportunities that the current uncertainty presents.

  1.        Engaging with officials

With Ministers and departmental priorities playing second fiddle to the wider political debate around Brexit, now is the time to get in front of key officials with responsibility for your policy area. Prepare your pitch and make your case as to why government should implement your position, bearing in mind the possibility of a new government means new first day briefs for a new complement of Ministers. Who are the influencers that will frame future policy? How can you convince them and what evidence do you need to help you make your case?

  1.        Building for the future

Uncertain political times can mean new figures emerge, and so now is the time to do your homework and make some informed decisions. Who might form the inner circle of a new government? Who will be the movers and shakers within the opposition benches? What are their interests and past experiences that inform their viewpoints? And how can you engage with them?

  1.        Brush up on your political knowledge or find someone who has it

One of the most fascinating things from our perspective that recent events have shown is how political devices can be deployed to out-manoeuvre the opposition, whoever they may be at any given time. From proroguing to emergency legislation, amending unrelated legislation (á la equal marriage etc in relation to the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Act), the strategies at play recently in the House of Commons show how political devices – rather than the more conventional approaches that shape peacetime politics– can help you make headway.

With the rule book apparently ripped up now is the time to get underneath the political drama unfolding on a daily basis to inform your influencing strategy.

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