Guide to the EU Referendum Count – ten key moments through the night

Connect will be tweeting updates throughout the count night.  In advance we thought we would give you a guide to some of the declaration times and ten potential key moments of the count to watch for.

Midnight – Sunderland will be first to declare. A 6 point leave lead suggests a close result nationally.

1.00 am – Declarations from Wandsworth and City of London will indicate how London is voting, expect Remain leads, but how much?

1.30 am –  How is the North East voting? – declarations are expected from Newcastle, expected to to vote Remain, and Hartlepool, expected to vote Leave. Is this what happens, and what are the margins?

2.00 am – a cluster of results from Wales will come in from Swansea and then two ‘finely balanced’ bellweathers Wrexham and Caerphilly

3.30 am – How is Scotland voting? Aberdeen, Dumfries, then Edinburgh declares & is tipped to have highest Remain vote in UK

4.00 am – the results are now coming in thick and fast from all over the UK and we are likely to hear Projected Results

5.00 am – 9 out of 10 results in and it is mainly leave leaning rural areas that are left to declare. For Remain to win, they would need a lead at this point of at least a few points.

6.00 am – Prime Minister likely to speak – will he be at a Remain Victory Party, or sombre outside No 10?

7.00 am – Morning news bulletins carry reaction from around the world to the result

8.00 am – London Stock Exchange opens and the markets respond

Andy Sawford by:
Andy Sawford