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What will an energy price freeze mean for the consumer in 2017?

Speakers included:

Financial Journalist Paul Lewis (chair)
Tim Yeo MP, Chair, Energy and Climate Change Select Committee
Angela Knight, Chief Executive, Energy UK
Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy, uSwitch.com
Mervyn Kohler, Special Adviser to Age UK

The first roundtable in the Power 2020 series focused on the consumer and how to tackle rising energy costs for the fuel poor.

Government moves to reduce energy bills by removing the costs of some energy efficiency schemes away from energy companies and Labour’s plans for a price freeze to 2017 have put energy policy in the spotlight, but what choices do consumers really have to reduce their costs?

It is clear that there is a difference between the price of energy and the cost of energy to the consumer. Many see investment in energy efficiency as the most cost effective way to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty. OR is collective switching the answer to reducing the cost of energy for consumers? What should policy makers really be doing and saying about reducing the numbers of fuel poor deaths and consumers who are being squeezed by high energy prices.

The first in our Power 2020 series asked if price freezing was the answer and what would happen after 2017? It brought national consumer and fuel poverty campaigners together with the industry, decision makers and key politicians.

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Power 2020 secures an audience of key industry influencers, political decision makers, trade bodies and consumer bodies with an interest in the in the sector. We also generate attendance from Ministers and Shadow Ministers, MPs and Peers interested in the sector and senior academics.

We have keynote contributions from other leading voices such as:

  • Parliamentarians
  • Senior industry representatives
  • Senior figures from the regulators
  • Investors
  • Trade bodies, representative organizations and consumer bodies
  • Academics
  • Trade unions
  • Industry commentators

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Date: Tuesday 4 March 2014

Power 2020: kick-starting Britain's energy revolution

Power 2020 is a national policy forum established to help kick start Britain’s energy revolution and change mind-sets.

Energy is in the policy spotlight following Labour’s promise to freeze energy prices and Government moves to reduce bills by removing the costs of some energy efficiency schemes away from energy companies.

The political battleground on energy prices comes at a time when the UK needs to attract significant investment to ensure the UK can enjoy security of supply as well as meet its climate change obligations.

The Power 2020 series of roundtable events will put the UK’s energy policy under the microscope and assess what needs to be done to respond to growing consumer, industry and business concerns over rising energy prices and lack of investment.

On the road to 2015, the Power 2020 series of policy roundtable events will kick start the debate between industry leaders and the key policy makers from each political party to find the answers to the BIG energy questions and shape tomorrow’s thinking.

The big six energy questions that Power 2020 will look at are:

  • What will an energy price freeze mean for the consumer in 2017?
  • Who benefits from the break-up of the big six?
  • Does the UK have the skills and innovation to deliver an energy revolution?
  • What should be in the UK’s “energy mix” to keep the lights on and meet decarbonisation by 2030?
  • How can the UK energy market attract greater investment?
  • Will plans for the wholesale electricity market, the break-up of the big six and abolition of OFGEM work to drive or kill competition and investment?

All these questions will be tackled and debated in the Power 2020 series on the road to 2015.

If you are interested in being part of the Power 2020 series and want to attend or sponsor the roundtable events, please contact James Noble at Connect Communications on 020 7592 9592 or j.noble@connectpa.co.uk