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The challenge of ageing to a sustainable NHS

The huge pressures on the health and social care sector to deliver quality care is very evident but are set to increase as a result of:

  • Population growth
  • A deteriorating support ratio of working adults to those in retirement
  • Ageing and costly conditions linked to ageing such as dementia
  • Rising expectations from patients with a more ‘consumerist’ form of demand
  • Developments in medicine and technology
  • Access to information

The NHS has made impressive improvements in recent years, especially in relation to mortality rates for major diseases and on waiting times. These are to be welcomed but the National Health Service still places too heavy a reliance on the use of acute care, when there are probably more cost effective ways of delivering the same outcomes. Much has been written about what new models of care might look like but with some notable exceptions, the NHS has not yet made the necessary shift to better and sustainable models of integrated care for patients closer to home.

This session put the debate in context and asked: “How can we tackle the cost pressures on the NHS and social care budgets given the UK’s growing and ageing population?”

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Each ‘Independence Day event series’ will lend itself to an exciting format which is both interactive and engaging. There are a range of opportunities to get involved in, and support the Independence Day Hearing and Policy Conference, either through sponsoring the series or an individual session as well as attending, exhibiting and speaking opportunities.

The output of Independence Day will provide evidence and examples of new ways of thinking about health and social care and help to shape policy and public opinion in the decades to come.

Both the Independence Day conference and the hearings offer a unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the health and social care debate and position your organisation as a leading voice in the sector.

For further information please contact James Noble on 020 7592 9490 or independenceday@connectpa.co.uk

Who Attends

The Independence Day panel of experts includes:

  • Phil Hope, Director, Director, Improving Care and former Minister for Care Services
  • Kieran Brett, Director, Director, Improving Care and former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister
  • Michelle Mitchell, Chief Executive, MS Society
  • Emily Holzhausen, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Carers UK
  • Baroness Sally Greengross, Chair, International Longevity Centre
  • Sir Tom Hughes-Hallet, Executive Chair, Institute for Global Health Innovation
  • Pam Creaven, Director of Services, Age UK
  • Andrew Hawkins, Chair, ComRes
  • Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Care Quality Commission
  • David Worskett, former Chief Executive, NHS Partners Network

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Date: Thursday 21 November 2013

Independence Day: Reinventing health and social care

The Independence Day Health and Social Care Hearings bring together policy makers, representatives from the health and social care sectors and the public to contribute fresh thinking to the policy debate and come up with practical solutions.

The road to 2015 is a difficult one for policy makers of all parties and how they propose to deliver independent, affordable and integrated health and social care presents a massive challenge.

The Independence Day Hearings will provide a unique opportunity for you to help shape and re-invent health and social care policy and public thinking, and address the following questions:

How can we tackle the cost pressures on the NHS and social care budgets given the UK’s growing and ageing population?

What does ‘good’ or ‘better’ look like for the public in terms of improved quality in health and social care?

What practical policy solutions deliver genuine integration and improve quality of care?

We would welcome your views on the above questions. Your comments would be fed into our final conclusions. Please email us your views or formal submissions.

For further information please contact James Noble on 020 7592 9490 or independenceday@connectpa.co.uk