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How the Government can support technical and policy solutions to encourage people to make lower carbon travel choices

This is the second event in our series on Rising to the Challenge: What will it take to decarbonise transport?

It will explore how Government can support technical and policy solutions, including fares and taxes, that will encourage people to make lower carbon travel choices. It will discuss the role of behaviour change and the aim of public policy on climate change to ensure that wherever possible external costs are internalised.

Key webinar themes:

  • How should government engage with the public on the substantial behaviour changes required?
  • Should government policy include a commitment for reducing traffic, and if so how could this be delivered?
  • There is the risk that some environmental taxes can be regressive. What can be done to make a carbon tax more equitable?

About the series

Transport is the fastest growing source of global greenhouse gas emissions and the biggest emitting sector of the UK economy. As hosts of the COP26 UN climate summit in November the UK will need a credible plan for decarbonising transport. Our thinking needs to change if we are to rise to the scale of the challenge.

Join us at our webinar series which will consult widely on the five key themes that emerged in the recent publication Rising to the Challenge: Achieving net zero will require new thinking, creative solutions and systemic change.

  1. The decarbonisation of transport will involve changes to the wider economy.
  2. Technical solutions will be insufficient, we also need behaviour change.
  3. Fares and taxes should encourage people to make lower carbon travel choices.
  4. We must ensure a fair and just transition to net zero.
  5. Greater devolution will be a key driver of decarbonisation.

Hosted by Greener Transport Solutions, Addleshaw Goodard, Transport Times, Foundation for Integrated Transport & The Transport Knowledge Hub, the events will bring together leading academics, politicians, business leaders, consumer groups and think tanks to discuss what is needed to decarbonise transport. Experts will discuss and respond to questions from the Greener Transport Council.

The series will culminate in the publication of ‘A Manifesto for Decarbonising Transport’ to be published in the Autumn 2021.

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Date: Thursday 9 September 2021

Time: 10.00 - 11.45

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