Education and human capital

Connect are currently working with Schole, a UK based company that is doing great things to bring investment to education in East Africa. Our role is to help tell their story, and it is a fascinating one, not least because they are making a difference without a penny of aid from the UK government.

‘Trade not aid’ is a false choice, trade in services such as education, where the UK has a great global reputation, is the best way we can aid countries to grow their economies in the long term.

New data from the world bank shows that in high income countries, human capital accounts for 70 percent of wealth, whereas for low-income countries, natural capital is still the biggest asset. A shift is taking place in these countries as they lever wealth from natural capital to invest in improving education and infrastructure to create greater human capital in the future. The UK has an important contribution to make if the number one goal for international development policies is a massive expansion of education.




Andy Sawford by:
Andy Sawford