Connect’s round-up of the 2015 Party Conferences

Over the past three weeks the Connect team have been in Bournemouth, Brighton and Manchester attending the first party conferences after the 2015 General Election. Our Conference Round-up reviews the conferences, gives our take on the mood, a review of the Leader’s Speeches, and a light-hearted look at the conference fringe. We have also included a summary of the party policies and key announcements, which should be a useful resource as you think about how to engage with the parties in the months and years ahead.

Download the full Conference Round-up here

Connect was the most active communications agency at the conferences. Our team cycled to Brighton to raise funds, we hosted a packed Leader’s Speech watch party and we organised lively fringes and events at all three conferences, as well as contact programmes for our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the issues covered in the Conference Round-up or if we can help you respond to the issues raised at party conferences do let us know. Parliament’s return heralds a new phase of politics under new leaders; with elections in London, Scotland and Wales taking place next May the parties are again gearing up for campaigns that will shape the first year of this five-year term. Connect stands ready to ensure that you make the most of the opportunities that 2015/2016 presents.

Our Executive Chairman, Gill Morris is heading to Aberdeen for the SNP Conference next week, so look out for further conference updates from us next week on the blog and via twitter at @Connect_Comms on the new ‘third party’ in UK politics.

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