Are you ready for the Devolution Revolution?

devointelligence is our new weekly bulletin designed to keep you informed and aware of what’s happening in the Northern Powerhouse and beyond: who’s who and what’s what. It’s the time to switch on to the devolution revolution and get informed about the changing face of UK politics. Read the full devointelligence update online here.

Now is the time to plug into the Northern Powerhouse. UK politics is changing and before we know it there will be at least 5 elected Northern Mayors – plus one in the West Midlands – with many more devolution deals across England expected.

George Osborne’s English “devolution revolution” is already happening. Ultimately Devo-Mayors will have their hands on new policy levers and new funding; from transport to police, planning to skills, housing to economic development. The NHS and its integration with social care will also increasingly become part of the devolution agenda.

Devo-Mayors will be de facto local leaders and accountable to the public just like the Mayor of London. Slowly but surely those you really need to influence on key issues will shift away from Westminster.

Future editions of the weekly devointelligence will include contributions and guest commentary from the key players in the devolution debate as well as a review of all key announcements, news and events. We very much hope you like devointelligence. It is work in progress so let us know what you think and what more you would like to see. Any feedback welcome!

Read the full devointelligence update online here.

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