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The APPG on Hydrogen provides a forum for MPs and Peers to engage with leading businesses and organisations that are working to enable the UK to meet its decarbonisation targets through the implementation of hydrogen projects, and to discuss policy options to support these.

About the Group

The APPG on Hydrogen was established in July 2018. It is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers that focuses on raising awareness of, and building support for large scale hydrogen projects – such as conversion to a hydrogen domestic gas grid – that will enable the UK to meet decarbonisation targets.

The APPG on Hydrogen is chaired by Jacob Young, Conservative MP for Redcar.

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APPG on Hydrogen Report Launch - Government must move quickly on hydrogen or risk being left behind

The APPG on Hydrogen’s latest report urges the Government to move quickly on hydrogen and set ambitious policies to unlock investment, create employment opportunities and support the UK’s net-zero targets.

The APPG on Hydrogen’s report, developed as part of its inquiry into ‘How the UK’s hydrogen sector can help support the UK’s economic recovery’, sets out 15 recommendations to support and accelerate the growth of the UK’s hydrogen sector.

These include:

  1. Developing a cross-departmental hydrogen strategy between Government and industry
  2. Using regulatory levers to unlock private sector investment required, including amending the GSMR and expanding the remit of the Bus Service Operator Grant
  3. Setting interim targets for low-carbon hydrogen production by 2030 alongside the introduction of a Low Carbon Obligation to enable investment in low carbon forms of heating such as hydrogen
  4. Mandating hydrogen-ready boilers by 2025
  5. Creating greater incentives in hydrogen alternatives to support organisations and customers who produce, purchase or use hydrogen HGVs, buses and trains
  6. Working with local and regional authorities exploring hydrogen’s potential to support the uptake and commercialisation of existing projects
  7. Setting more ambitious policies and financial targets on hydrogen to meet net-zero by 2050 ahead of other international competitors
  8. Ensuring the UK hydrogen industry plays a major role at COP26, allowing the UK to inspire other nations and sell its products and services
  9. Delivering funding models to create investment and economic jobs directly to the UK
  10. Implementing measures similar to Offshore Wind, such as Contracts for Difference to incentivise industry and scale-up a hydrogen economy.


Launched in May this year, the inquiry heard from industry leaders, including across the energy, transport and manufacturing sectors as they outlined the short term and long term steps required to grow the UK’s hydrogen sector and enable the transition from innovation and commercialisation.

The APPG received almost 100 responses to its call for evidence and held three oral evidence sessions focusing on industry, local, regional and Government priorities. The Group listened to organisations contributing to a greener future on what steps need to be taken to ensure that hydrogen can play a more prominent role in this.




You can read the full report here

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