Andy Sawford

Andy Sawford Managing Partner

Laura Blake

Laura Blake Partner

Sarah King

Sarah King Partner

Andrew Gairdner MBE

Andrew Gairdner MBE Chairman

Steve Barwick

Steve Barwick Senior Policy Consultant and Account Director

James Noble

James Noble Account Director

Charles Pitt

Charles Pitt Account Director

Lora Shopova

Lora Shopova Company Secretary and In-House Designer

Fiona Gardner

Fiona Gardner Events and Conferences Consultant

Rob Dale

Rob Dale Senior Account Manager

Chris Russell

Chris Russell Senior Account Manager

Leonie Blakeway

Leonie Blakeway Account Manager

Louise Page-Jennings

Louise Page-Jennings Account Manager

Charlie Wells

Charlie Wells Account Manager

Fenella Nance

Fenella Nance Account Executive

Campbell Thomson

Campbell Thomson Account Executive

Vrisha Koshal

Vrisha Koshal Financial Controller

Helen Johnson

Helen Johnson Senior Counsel

Michael Burrell

Michael Burrell Senior Counsel

Sebastian Church

Sebastian Church Senior Counsel