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Connect approaches political communications in an open, honest and collaborative way. Our clients stay with us because we go the extra mile. Our enthusiasm and creativity never dampens our professionalism. We achieve results and maintain our ethical approach.

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Launching the PRCA Review of Political Predictions – Brexit, Trump and why the experts failed to see what was coming

22 November 2016

We all got it wrong again.  The city, the pollsters, the pundits and the bookies predicted Hillary Clinton would win. Read more


Advanced public affairs: Stakeholder Mapping

9 March 2017

This session will help you to identify and prioritise your political stakeholders and help to build your skills and understanding of stakeholder mapping and engagement.

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MPs must come clean about who they employ using public money

6 February 2017

This article was first published by The Times Red Box.

Two recent stories have highlighted the lack of transparency and accountability over who politicians employ in their offices. Read more