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why connect?

Connect approaches political communications in an open, honest and collaborative way. Our clients stay with us because we go the extra mile. Our enthusiasm and creativity never dampens our professionalism. We achieve results and maintain our ethical approach.

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MiP Annual Conference 2016

23 November 2016

This year’s MiP conference will have a strong focus on a positive vision for managers as catalysts for high-performing teams in great workplaces.

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HOW TO make the most of parliamentary events

26 October 2016

Parliamentary events remain the principal means by which MPs interact with stakeholders in the House of Commons. We can help you deliver events that work for your organisation and help enhance you engagement strategy.

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‘Hard Brexit’ – a platform for a new Scottish independence referendum?

17 October 2016

Unlike Tories and Labour, neither the SNP’s rapidly rising membership nor the recent upheavals of Brexit and a change in Prime Minister have unsettled the party machine. In stark contrast to the public airing of sectarian party divisions this conference season, the conference saw little public division. Instead the tensions within the party membership are under the surface. Long-time party members could be heard commenting on the increasingly commercial focus of the conference. Read more