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why connect?

Connect approaches political communications in an open, honest and collaborative way. Our clients stay with us because we go the extra mile. Our enthusiasm and creativity never dampens our professionalism. We achieve results and maintain our ethical approach.

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MiP Annual Conference 2016

23 November 2016

This year’s MiP conference will have a strong focus on a positive vision for managers as catalysts for high-performing teams in great workplaces.

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An introduction to public affairs

29 September 2016

Our popular course provides an excellent overview of UK political decision-making and how it works. This course is delivered by experienced practitioners to give those new to the sector an introduction to the key elements of public affairs.

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Don’t write us off yet – the Lib Dems are serious about policy at this low-key conference

22 September 2016

The big news from the Liberal Democrat conference was that there wasn’t really any news. On Monday, the middle day of the conference, The Today Programme’s 7.10am and 8.10am slots were both occupied by the news of Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for bringing unity to the Labour party in parliament. Again on Tuesday, the day of Tim Farron’s big Leader’s Speech, the Lib Dems did not feature at all. Read more